What to expect

I offer you a warm, safe and accepting environment in which to explore what is going on for you.  Through the trusting relationship that we create together, I can help you to come to terms with your issues, leading to personal growth and a happier, more fulfilling life.

Most of us can benefit from the opportunity to explore our thoughts and feelings and to gain greater understanding of ourselves.

Counselling or psychotherapy can be particularly helpful when we notice that recurrent patterns of behaviour are impacting our sense of emotional well-being, or when life’s difficulties leave us feeling that we are struggling to cope.

I practise in what is called a Humanistic-Integrative way, which means that I am non-directive, believing you to know instinctively what is right for you, but that I may use the theory behind a number of approaches to help us to explore your issues. 

I work from the philosophy that individuals and their relationships need the right conditions to flourish, aiming to create an environment in which this can take place, with unconditional acceptance and the belief that we have the resources to work through our issues.  Underpinning this is my understanding of how developmental life stages challenge us as individuals and also challenge our relationships.